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Card Game from Ministry Ideaz Promotes Family Time

New game "Pioneering"

Pioneering Card Game for Jehovah's Witnesses

Ministry Ideaz has earned a reputation as a provider of ministry supplies for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Beginning with Bible and book covers, Ministry Ideaz has expanded its offerings to include videos, music, educational software, and even a diverse array of family games.

The newest game from Ministry Ideaz is a card game called "Pioneering."

This innovative Card Game for Jehovah’s Witnesses encourages family bonding, promoting Scriptural study in a way that's fun and family-oriented.

Over the years, card games and board games have proven to be an excellent help in teaching, especially for young ones, because the learning takes place as a side consequence of the actual playing, which is mainly for fun. This Jehovah's Witness card game is fun, family-oriented, and geared toward the interactive learning of Bible Scriptures.