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Download the Accurate Knowledge Bible Trivia Game by Ministry Ideaz

Ministry Ideaz

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Established in 2003, Ministry Ideaz is a family owned and operated organization that provides handcrafted ministry items and other products to Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. Ministry Ideaz also carries a number of popular educational games for children and families, including worship trivia games.

The ‘Accurate Knowledge’ Bible Trivia Game for Family Worship is perfect for both individual play and family gatherings, offering more than 3,700 questions on a wide variety of biblical subjects in a convenient and fun computer game format. Trivia categories include Bible and Scripture, Jesus’ Life and Ministry, Prophecy and Revelation, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, while game modes range from timed trivia matches to point-total contests. Families can decide whether players can use the Bible as a resource over the course of a game.
The ‘Accurate Knowledge’ Bible Trivia Game for Family Worship can be downloaded at The game requires an operating system of Windows XP or higher. Version 3.0 has been updated in accordance with the 2013 New World Translation.