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Transforming Assembly Time into a Joyful Learning Experience for Kids and Teens

A Parent's Guide to the "Enter Into God’s Rest!" assembly

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Circuit Assembly time can feel like a marathon for kids and teens, with their energetic minds constantly buzzing like bees in a hive. So, how do we keep those busy bees focused and engaged during the assembly? No worries, we have some creative ideas that will make their assembly time both enjoyable and educational.

  1. Let’s Get Scribbling: Encourage your young ones to jot down scriptures during the assembly in their "Scripture Log." Not only does it keep them busy, but it also helps them remember what they’ve learned. It's like a treasure hunt, but with scriptures!
  2. "Mom, What’s for Application?”: After each talk, have a quick chat with your child about how they can apply the lessons in their lives. In our JW Kids' Workbook, the "Things That I Would Like to Apply" section is a perfect space for them to write down their thoughts.
  3. Puzzle Time: Who doesn't love a good puzzle or a brain-teasing quiz? Our Children's Activity Book is filled with crosswords, puzzles, and Bible quizzes related to the assembly theme. It's like a mental workout, but way more fun!
  4. Goal-Setting for the Win: Help your child set spiritual goals. The "Spiritual Goals" sections in our notebooks encourage your young ones to think about and write down their spiritual objectives.
JW kids aged 8-15 enjoying the 'Enter Into God’s Rest!' assembly notebook filled with engaging activities, puzzles, and scripture logs for theocratic learning and spiritual growth

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