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Learn your ABCs and your scriptures too

with Ministry Ideaz' Bible ABCs game

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Fun ABC Bible Flash Cards for Jehovah's Witnesses

A worldwide distributor of Jehovah’s Witness supplies, Ministry Ideaz offers a wide range of products, including the Bible-ABC Flashcards.

Bible Flashcards for Jehovah's Witnesses

Do you know your ABCs? Probably. But do you remember these scriptures? Put your Bible knowledge to the test with these fun ABC flashcards. Each card features a scripture corresponding to the letter on the back. It's a great way to help kids learn from an early age. But don't let the simple design fool you! Adults also love to use these fun Bible flash cards to learn important scriptures too!

Read what others have said:

"I bought a bundle of games and the assembly notebook(all at excellent prices), they were all digital downloads, which is fantastic!! I bought these as a gift for my children, they will be so thrilled about all of it, I can't wait to show them!" - Terry (March 2021)

Check out this great Bible flashcard game for Jehovah's Witnesses online now!