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Save all your meeting notes

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Ministry Ideaz designs and sells a wide range of products related to or inspired by the Bible. A widely used resource for meeting and ministry supplies for Jehovah's Witnesses, the Ministry Ideaz website contains more than 14,000 positive reviews on items ranging from preaching gear to daily planners.

Meeting notebook for Jehovah's Witnesses

The JW Meeting Workbook Companion was designed just for the meetings. For the weekend meeting, there are special sections to record information about the Public Talk and "my favorite lesson" from the Watchtower study. For the mid-week meeting, there are sections for "My Spiritual Gems" research, as well as for "Living as Christians." and "Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry."

The My Spiritual Gems 2021 Meeting Workbook companion is the perfect accessory for any individual or family in need of a place to keep their notes and daily tasks for the upcoming week. The Spiritual Gems spiral-bound design makes the notebook an especially effective place to store thoughts and plans. Users can easily set the weekly companion on a flat surface while they review past notes and plan for the future. The pages of the book, meanwhile, contain ample space for note-taking and special areas to record ideas for both weekend and midweek ministry meetings.

The 7.48-by-9.25-inch My Spiritual Gems 2021 Meeting Workbook offers a number of additional features, including a pocket on the back cover perfectly sized for a copy of the Watchtower and Christian Life and Ministry Meeting workbook. More detailed information, including ordering information, can be found online at .