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Ministry Ideaz Leather Products

Ministry Ideaz

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From its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz offers a range of handcrafted products such as book covers and folios. Ministry Ideaz uses the finest leather available for its products - top-grade cowhide, with each hide undergoing a rigorous inspection process to ensure that any flaws or scars, which occur naturally in all leathers, are at a minimum.

The company avoids using “bonded” leathers of any kind. Though technically leather, bonded leathers are made by combining natural leather scraps and leftover pieces with a bonding agent to create the new piece of bonded leather. In all cases, the leather products sold by Ministry Ideaz are 100-percent cowhide and not bonded leather.
Further, the leather used by Ministry Ideaz comes in two grades: rustic and elegant. Rustic leather offers increased sturdiness, while elegant leather is more delicate but has a more refined appearance.