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Ministry Ideaz Offers Products to Feature 2017 Circuit Assemblies

Ministry Ideaz

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Owned and operated by Jehovah’s Witnesses currently serving in the Ecuador field ministry, Ministry Ideaz specializes in providing useful tools to other Witnesses. It carries high-quality, custom products for adults and children of all ages, including leather bags, briefcases, planners, organizers, calendars, book covers, Bible games, and other educational tools. Ministry Ideaz also offers products that are timely and specially tailored to support and memorialize key events. The 2017 Circuit Assembly Bundle, for instance, highlights the themes of the 2017 Circuit Assemblies.

Emulating God’s servants, who were told to appear before Jehovah three times a year (Deuteronomy 16:16), Jehovah’s Witnesses hold three large events each year: two day-long circuit assemblies and one regional convention, which lasts three days. These meetings help enrich Witnesses’ spiritual lives and strengthen and unify believers from all over the world. They consist of Bible instruction, scriptural discussions, and symposiums. Assemblies also include baptisms for those wishing to dedicate themselves to God.

The themes for the 2017 circuit assemblies are “Increase Your Faith in Jehovah!” and “Maintain Love for Jehovah!” Ministry Ideaz’s 2017 Circuit Assembly bundle follows the themes, talking points, and scriptures of the assemblies. It includes commemorative pens, activity books for children, and circuit assembly notebooks, which track each assembly program and include space for taking notes and reflecting. To see this and other products offered by Ministry Ideaz, visit