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'Open Your Hearts Wide'

Jehovah's Witnesses' Bible Game for Zoom

· Ministry Ideaz,Bible
game for Jehovah Witness

Based in Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz offers Jehovah’s Witness worldwide high quality items that range from letter witnessing supplies to puzzle books, board games and computer Bible games.

Open Your Hearts Wide” is the newest Bible game for Jehovah's Witnesses that Ministry Ideaz offers. It has proved very popular to play and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Bible game provides a unique gameplay feature not found in other Christian games. At the start of the game, each player is assigned a color and animal (ie. blue camel, or green lion). So, each player is a part of two different teams (called Color Teams and Animal Teams), with different members on each. In this way, players mix with many more players when answering questions, and competitiveness is kept to a minimum. It also makes it fun for all ages, since there's sure to be someone on one of your teams to help with an answer!

The 'Open Your Hearts Wide' Bible Game for Jehovah's Witnesses is offered exclusively as a digital download.