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Sophia Bag Integrates Fashion and Professionalism

Ministry Ideaz

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Ministry Ideaz offers supplies and products for Jehovah’s Witness ministries located worldwide through an online storefront and its newly opened physical location in Pine Bush, New York. Founded in 2003, Ministry Ideaz focuses on the sale of handmade products, such as the Sophia Bag.

A leatherette briefcase made just for women and girls, the Sophia Bag is designed to help store all ministry gear in a single place. The bag features an adjustable, padded leather strap and a primary compartment with enough space to hold a Bible, notebook, and a tablet of any size. In addition, it includes an exterior pocket for smaller accessories and an interior zipper pocket for holding donations.

The handcrafted Sophia Bag is made using old-world stitching techniques that require more than two hours of manual labor. Crafted with high-grade material and nylon zippers, the bag is made to last and withstand regular use without significant wear and tear. Furthermore, the leatherette exterior combines professionalism and fashion. Consumers may choose from four colors: turquoise, lime green, pink, or lilac.