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The Characteristics of Leatherette

Having moved from Canada to Ecuador, South America, in 1993 to serve in the traveling ministry work where the need was greater, Witnesses sowed the seeds of what was to become Ministry Ideaz. Nine years later, after financial difficulties prompted an adjustment in Ministry Ideaz’s circumstances, the online sale of quality leather goods was born. With e-commerce and an increase in product demand becoming a real possibility, the small beginnings of Ministry Ideaz was established in 2003. With a staff of fellow pioneering Witnesses employed only part-time to allow for dedicated full-time preaching work, the company has become one of the leading distributors of quality, hand-crafted leather and leatherette products used in the field ministry.

Constructed by covering a base with vinyl or plastic coated fabric, leatherette or artificial leather is a fitting alternative substitute when the use of genuine leather is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable for ethical reasons. Although non-breathable and hence not truly practical for use for clothing, leatherette requires less maintenance and will not fade or crack as easily when compared to genuine leather. Other advantages to artificial leather are that it is washable, resistant to liquids, and not much effected by extreme heat. Whatever the circumstances may dictate, leatherette is an economically affordable option to genuine leather.