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The Pioneer School Notebook for JW Pioneers

Guides Prompts for Note-taking as Pioneer Service School (PSS)

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Ministry Ideaz is a leading provider of hand-crafted leather meeting bags, meeting organizers, and Bible covers as well as other theocratic supplies useful in Jehovah’s ministry. Ministry Ideaz publishes resources to help witnesses stay up to date with their Bible reading, and even provides specialized products for pioneers. For example, Ministry Ideaz sells a pioneer school notebook

Having your pioneer school notes organized is so great for having a quick reference when making application in the future.

If you have a dozen notebooks on your shelf, it can be difficult to track down that one notebook from 3 months ago where you wrote down those points you wanted to remember. Don't let that happen to your notes from Pioneer School. This note book is specifically made for Pioneer School; it won't get lost among your other notebooks. 

This amazing JW Notebook features:


    Lecture Notes

    Personal Course Notes

    A section to keep track of your contacts

    Illustrations & Comments to remember

    Autograph page

    Plus more!


The sturdy hard cover pioneer notebook Features 2 Timothy 4:5 "Fully accomplish your ministry" on the cover and has spiral binding for easy handling. It has a UV film for a glossy finish and better protection of the cover. Two pages are entirely dedicated to each unit of the school.


Get the pioneer school notebook today!