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Bible covers for the 2019 New World Translation study edition

by Ministry Ideaz

Bible covers for New World Translation study edition by Ministry Ideaz

A family-owned and operated business, Ministry Ideaz sells products for Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world. Ministry Ideaz strives to always provide high quality products and, as a result, has 1000s of positive reviews

For 2021, a popular new product is the vinyl cover for the 2019 study edition of the New World Translation. Your Study Bible is precious and will be filled with notes in the margins. If you are making good use of your Study Bible, you surely want to protect it so it will last a life time. You don't want to lose all the notes you researched!

The perfect size for your Study Edition of the New World Translation, this vinyl Bible cover is made with a thick, quality plastic that will ensure your precious study Bible is protected. The cover fits just right, designed to not only protecting the pages, but give it a sleek and stylish touch.

Ministry Ideaz' many positive reviews express appreciation for their Bible covers' ability to protect Bibles from the elements and wear and tear. Customers also were pleased with how well it fits the Bible and its attractive look and feel. Many are happy with the durability of this product even after long-term use.