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Jehovahs Witnesses letter writing suggestions

Get paradise envelopes from Ministry Ideaz

these envelopes will add a special touch to your letters

Ministry Ideaz is specialized company known for quality, hand-crafted items for the Jehovah’s Witness community, including stationery and envelopes for letter writing. In response to the pandemic in 2020, Ministry Ideaz has created a line of products for witnessing from home.

Now you can be even more prepared with beautiful scriptural envelopes!

Although your letter for letter witnessing is tucked privately inside, everyone who handles your letter will see the beautiful paradise scripture on the outside.

The new letter witnessing envelopes from Ministry Ideaz each have a comforting paradise Bible text discreetly printed on the back. You'll get:

God will wipe out every tear from their eyes.
You will be with me in paradise.
I am making all things new.
The meek will possess the earth.
A future and a hope.