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Computer Trivia Game Tests Scripture Knowledge

· Bible,Ministry Ideaz
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Since 2003, Ministry Ideaz has been in the business of providing high-quality merchandise for Jehovah’s Witnesses to use in family worship, meetings, service, and daily life settings, even including software packages. Bible trivia has long been a favorite activity for true Christian, and Ministry Ideaz offers a computer-based Bible trivia game called Accurate Knowledge - The Bible Question Game.

A Windows-based game, Accurate Knowledge provides a challenging trivia environment, testing the knowledge of the player in a wide variety of categories. Through these questions, the game is not only a means of entertainment, but a valuable teaching tool to help people grow in their knowledge of the scriptures. The game is based on the New World Translation, 2013 version.

The game comes as a digital download and is updated often with new information as it becomes relevant. This game can be played individually as well as with the entire family.


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