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My Big Book of Puzzles Activity Book

Ministry Ideaz

Ministry Ideaz is a family-owned and operated company based in Quito, Ecuador, that produces hand-crafted leather goods and other theocratic products for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ministry Ideaz provides quality merchandise and award-winning customer service to 180 countries worldwide. Among the various Bible-based products Ministry Ideaz produces, the company offers a number of puzzle games.

Offered for children of all ages and learning levels, My Big Book of Bible Puzzles contains 100 Bible-based puzzle games, mazes, word searches, and coloring pages. All materials contained within the activity book are inspired by Bible stories that are found in both the Hebrew and Greek portions of scripture.
The book has a total of 100 activity pages, with a cover made from sturdy 300g card stock. The book’s cover and binding also feature a plastic coating that will keep it in great shape, even with heavy use.
All activities in My Big Book of Bible Puzzles are derived from the 2013 New World Translation of the scriptures.