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Ministry Ideaz’ Quality, Genuine Leather Crafted Bible Covers

Ministry Ideaz

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Meeting the needs of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, Ministry Ideaz is a leading online retailer that recently celebrated the opening of a new Pine Bush, New York, location. Situated only minutes from Watchtower Farms and an hour from Jehovah’s Witness World Headquarters, the Ministry Ideaz store features sought-after items such as genuine cowhide Bible covers.

Crafted from the finest leather, the covers are available in rustic and elegant grades, with the latter more delicate and the former designed for rugged use. Each cover is prepared through detailed craftsmanship that includes the use of a foil-embossing press, tools such as a small knife and hammer, and a sewing machine.

The covers avoid the use of bonded leather, which incorporates scraps that are boiled and set in a mold to create a larger piece of leather. Rather, the durable nature of the Ministry Ideaz product is enhanced through the use of full-size single pieces of leather. When perusing the final product, customers can select from a number of attractive colors designed to enhance the experience of carrying and reading from the Bible.